YDX-06SD Economy Color Toner Filler

Product Details

鈼?This machine is currently the most convenient and practical toner filling machines
      on the market. Applicable for filling of any toner cartridge and bottle
鈼? Simple structure, small size, maintenance-free, low noise, easy to operate
鈼? Peristaltic pump press silicon tube to output toner, toner does not contact metal
     and ensure there won't be any quality affection to color toner
鈼? Machine comes with 4 drums, no need to clean
鈼? Completely avoid color mix up

Technical   Parameters:
1.Input Voltage:    220Vac(110Vac), 50~60Hz
2,Rated power:             100 W
3. Hopper capacity:      20 kg
4.Fill range:                  10~8000 g
5.Fill speed:                     10~15g/s
6.Fill accuracy:                 ±1-2g 
7.Size(mm):          660(L)*900(W)*1700(H)
8.Net weight:                            70 kg