YDX-06TBS Environmental Professional Color

Product Details


1.Rolling toner feeding system and filling system 2-in-1 design,small size,easy maintenance,high efficiency,low power consumption,ultra-quite;

2.Easy toner feed,Put bag of toner to barrel,press button,toner will be fed to hopper in closed environment,no static electricity generated,without any polution.

3.Versatility:applicable for various cartridhes and bottle toner filling.

4.lntelligent control and easy operation.

5.Two fill control methods:Weight and timer.

6.Auto tare gross.

7.Very convenient to clean without dismantle component.

8.With dust suction fitting at toner output mouth,can completely collect the dust generated during toner filling.

Technical Parameters

1.Input Voltage:220Vac(110Vac),50~60Hz.

2.Rated power:400W.

3.Hopper capacity:20kg.

4.Fill range:10~8000g.

5.Fill range:15~20g/s.

6.Fill accuracy:±0.3~1g(Weight mode)


8.Net weight:100kg